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NEW TARGET PASSED: February 2013 –  the Fund now stands at  £337,775.28.

Colonel Fergus Mackain-Bremner returned in 2009 from another visit to Kenya to meet veteran KAR askari and askari widows to make Grants for their personal welfare.

It is a great privilege to announce the the Askari Appeal has exceeded its (third) target of £300,000, having recently received some very generous donations, some of which have been indeed staggering.

Some are coming in, still, from Christopher Hill’s epic channel swim, others from a number of family trusts, private donors and supportive organisations, a number of which have been in excess of £1,000.  The Mercers’ Company gave £2,500 and an anonymous donation was for £540 received “In memory of some 30 officers who served in 23 KAR, and are no longer with us”.

The most unexpected donation came from the Rothermere Foundation, together with a very warm letter expressing the Trustees’ full and heartfelt support for our aims.  Their generous gift of £10,000 has just put us above the target, and we have now reached £308,100.  And the future? – well, there is still a year to go before, all being well, I return to Kenya to distribute grants as before, and for other Royal Commonwealth Ex-Servicemen’s League (RCEL) Representatives to do the same in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.

So, please do go on sending your donations.  Someone recently sent a cheque for £50 saying that they were sorry it was not more – but such a sum represents a year’s grant to a deserving case.  Any amount you wish to send is still most welcome and would be thankfully accepted by our old askari.

Colonel Fergus Mackain-Bremner OBE,  ex-11 KAR. Askari Appeal Director.

Non-members of the KAR & EAF Association, who would like to make a donation to the Askari Appeal Fund may do so by contacting this website Editor through the Contact box at the top of this page. 

All donations will be personally acknowledged by the Appeal Director and would be most gratefully received by our old veteran soldiers who bravely and fiercely fought for the British Crown in two World Wars.